return of Memphis and DONUts

hey cyberspace, quinn david furness coming to you LIVE from tennessee. For those loyal beantown podcast friends of the podcast, or ‘beaners’ as they are affectionately known, you might remember one year ago when we did a podcast LIVE from the banks of the Mississippi in Memphis looking across the river to Arkansas (to refresh your memory, head here)

Well it’s one year later in 2019 and I was back in Memphis this week. Probably the best thing about Memphis is Gibson’s Donuts. For those of you who aren’t as informed, Gibson’s has the best donuts in the world. Now I know all you PNW SJW snobs are gonna try to come @ me in regards to Voodoo, but let me tell you what the difference is. Voodoo is all about creating a spectacle. The 30 min line running out the door, the exorbitant prices, the psychedelic colors and all that jazz, oh and also the pink boxes. It’s fun, I get it. But here’s what I want when I go to get donuts–I want damn good donuts. I don’t want the glitz, I don’t want the glam, they’re donuts, not a Poison cover band. Gibson’s is where it is AT.

So I didn’t have time to relax on the banks of the Mississippi because we were running around the city for work, but I did get my Gibson’s–3 classic old fashioneds with a light glaze, and 3 New Orleans donuts. I’d never even HEARD of a New Orleans donut until an Emory alum on Wednesday told me about them. Mercy mercy me. Basically imagine a donut hole but about twice as big and just solid like a rock. Those babies were SUPA HOT FIRE. If you ever get the chance, they’ll change your life.

Last thing–I’m gonna be in Vegas for the Kentucky Derby this weekend and I’m thinking about maybe throwing some $$$ on Win Win Win. What are your thoughts? I don’t usually bet/gamble but I might throw $20 out there just to see what happens, only cuz I’m in Vegas. Who do you like this weekend now that Omaha Beach is out? That was such a good horse name too…This weekend on the podcast I’ll be debuting my 2019 Top 10 Horse Names! As a reminder, ‘Pentateuch’ is currently in the #1 slot, 9 others still to be announced! Peace

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