Qutz by Q

Qutz by Q is where I really like to let my hair down and advertise the independently-owned and operated barbershop/boutique I run out of my back porch. To see some of our past success, scroll down! Rates: $20/haircut flat rate. Beehives, bobs, bowl cuts, and everything in between! Email us at qutzbyq@yahoo.com

Now doing French Braids for a $20 flat rate! Email us at qutzbyq@yahoo.com to book your appointment today! Auf Wiedersehen!!!

Auf Wiedersehen

Perfect for winter! Call us today at 815-298-7200!

“Stuck at work might as well look good”
“Home for the Holidays”

“Starter Fro”
“The Wave”
“Big Thyme”
“The Friar”
“Gettin Bushy”
“Take it All”
“Road to the Stanley Cup”
“Hang Ten”
“High and Tight”
This is just a picture of Rod Blagojevich #freeblago
“Hail Caesar”
“RIP Philip Seymour Hoffman”
“On a Boat”
“Florence Henderson”
“Don Henley”
“Thunder from Down Under”
“Slick and Yellow”