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THANK YOU THANK YOU to everyone who’s supported our show! We’ve now hit 250 episodes! Here’s to the next 250!

Credit to Walter Furness for designing this cool map that visually displays our final US States Power Rankings in tiers!

Welcome to the Beantown Podcast Year Five! Year V, Year 5, Five-Dollar Footlong, whatever! Thanks so much for listening to the show every week! The newest episode can always be found on the right side of your screen, or just search for “Beantown Podcast” in your favorite podcast app! See you soon!

Beantown represents a fully inclusive innovative synergistic comedy experience where Quinn and guests explore a wide swath of topics through a variety of mediums, including podcasts, blogs, videos, stand-up comedy, and much more.

Quinn David Furness presents the Beantown Podcast, or “The People’s Podcast” as it is affectionately known, is one of the better podcasts in all of the Chicagoland Area and your #1 source for misinformation, probably.

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