What kind of Lite is best?

so a lot of people i know think it’s pretty sacrilegious to drink any sort of light or lite beer. they say “oh it tastes like piss water” or “ew this is gross” or some sort of combination of those two things. Or they say something different than those two things. But I gotta tell ya, I sometimes see the merits of drinking some of the lite stuff. Sometimes you just wanna go hangout and be social without packing in the calories. Trust me, I would love to be able to always throw back a couple 12% Troegs and I would look good doing it, but my beltbuckle would never make it. Plus in this economy, everyone’s tightening their belts a little bit.

Don’t sue me. I still like the regular beers more than the lite stuff, but hey, sometimes if you’re posted up at a bar for 2-3 hours watching the big game, you don’t wanna drink your whole day’s worth of calories in the process. Which lite beer do you like best? Let us know at beantownpodcast@yahoo.com or leave us a comment here or tweet at us @beantowncast. I don’t think I can really differentiate between bud lite, miller lite, coors lite, natty lite, or any of those other lite beers. keystone light? I’ve heard that’s a thing but I don’t think I’ve ever actually seen it.

Pennsylvania is the Keystone State, but what exactly is a keystone? Keystone kinda makes me think of those houses that have keys hidden under a plant or the welcome mat or something else. What if you had a house and you decided to hide your key under a stone? Maybe Pennsylvania has a lot of those houses. I think Pennsylvania is a nice little state there. There’s a lot of geographic and sociocultural diversity. Pittsburgh and Philly are super different and in between you got some nice lil mountains and Valley Forge also is one of my favorite places ever. Very beautiful!

So until next time, don’t forget to tip your bartender! Q out

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