I Miss My Old Apartment

Yes, even with Richard there. Hey folks, Quinn David Furness here. You didn’t think I’d let you go a whole year without a new Beantown Blog post, did you? Well, if you follow my show, you know that last Saturday was moving day for me. Unlike my last few moves, this one was inter-city, going from the quiet tree-lined streets of Rogers Park to the hustle and bustle of (technically) Lincoln Park but basically East Lakeview. Let me get one thing straight right off the bat — The benefits of my new location overall are immense, and I’m very grateful for them. I am within half a mile of a Mariano’s, a soon to be mini-Mariano’s, a Walgreens, a Trader Joe’s (who was Joe anyways?), a Walmart Neighborhood Market (haven’t built up the courage to try that one yet), and even a TJ Maxx. Does anyone know anything about their men’s collection? Is it any good? Also, what is going on with that extra ‘x’ ? It kind of makes you think it’s either a plus size store or one of those adult stores you see the billboards for in southern Illinois. Oh, and I’m super close to the train as well and my new work commute is literally half as long as my old one, so that’s awesome. AND I’m super close (for now at least) to my super sweet gf Rachel. She’s a total babe but that’s a topic for a different blog post.

But if you will allow me to ever so slightly complain / feel sad for just a hot second, I miss my old apartment. I think that’s fairly natural when you move to a new place / neighborhood. Heck, I’ve only been in this place for 6 days now and I am not even fully unpacked (if anyone finds the power cord to my PS3 please message me!!!). But I don’t know man, being on the first floor with a gigantic window to the outside is a little weird — lots of noise and people constantly walking past. And the mega-battle between me and the lingering cigarette smoke from the previous tenants feels like it could be a battle I fight throughout this entire lease. Also, the upstairs neighbor’s dog whines a lot and I am not the biggest fan of whatever Eastern European dance jams they have been playing at 3am lately. It’s also super crowded down here! I knew that going in — I’ve lived in Lincoln Park twice before in my life, but there was something nice and quaint about the simple life up in Rogers Park. And no back door? What am I supposed to do for haircuts now??

Anyways, I think it’s ok to feel a little sad and unsettled — I haven’t gotten the Tiger Blanket hung up yet. If anyone on the north side is reading this, hit me up! Let’s grab a drink.


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