Love is…

Love is like a flower, blossoming from a small seed into something big and beautiful

Love is like a bear hug, warm and welcoming and always soothing

Love is like Benjamin Button, it doesn’t get old over time

Love is like money, the more you have of it the better

Love is like the Old Testament, scary and violent sometimes but a happy ending. Actually I have no idea how the Old Testament ends.

Love is like the Aral Sea, dry and salty at times but it used to be a key source of water for millions of Central Asians

Love is like this poem, often meandering and confusing but you find a sense of comfort in it

Love is like the 1976 Tampa Bay Buccaneers, new to the world and full of losses and disappointment but brimming with hope for the future

Love is like Evan Williams Whiskey, cheap and throat burning but always there for you when nothing else is going your way

Love is like the George Thorogood and the Delaware Destroyers, loud and cacophonous but reassuring and gentle all at once

Love is like the food poisoning I got from undercooked tilapia in December of 2015, fishy and slimy at times but still warm

Love is like the food poisoning I got from the Chinese restaurant on Sheridan in November of 2016, spicy and full of GMOs and gone in an instant

Love is like the food poisoning I got in the Dominican Republic in June of 2021, super scary

Love is a mystery. It is the wild west. It doesn’t play by any of the rules. It is almost a great palindrome. Happy Valentine’s Day from all of us at the Beantown Podcast!